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Dane Maison
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creative problem solverfull-stack developer
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About Me

I'm a full-stack software developer who loves building things, learning new technologies, and pushing my creative limits.

For the past two years, I have had the opportunity to utilize my love for programming by working as a freelance web developer. I built websites for clients using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, and PHP. I also analyzed user site traffic and patterns with Google Analytics and learned the basics of SEO.

While working as a freelance developer, I completed my undergraduate degree in Economics at California State University, Fullerton. During my undergrad, I analyzed large datasets using R and learned the fundamentals of object oriented programming in C++.

Some tools I've used
HTML5 - CSS3 - JavaScript - React JS - Python - PHP - SQL - Node - Express - Flask - Django - Webpack - Styled Components - Bootstrap - Gatsby - Git - Heroku - WordPress - Adobe Suite

Check out what I've been working on!
Designed and developed from scratch with performance, SEO, and accessibility in mind. This website is built for e-commerce transactions using Gatsby alongside Shopify.
Gatsby | GraphQL | React | Shopify | styled-components | Automated Deployment
The site you're on! It reads data from markdown files, so it's easy for me to edit content and continue adding projects in the future.
React | Gatsby | styled components | react-spring | GraphQL | Canvas
A chatroom application that utilizes Socket.IO for asynchronous communication between client and server.
Python | Flask | Socket.IO | jQuery
Job Hunt
This application helps users organize their job search.
Node | Express | React | MySQL
Fat Slice
A full-stack food ordering system with administrative controls.
Python | Django | JavaScript | Bootstrap
A canvas game inspired by one of my favorite flash games from when I was younger.
JavaScript | Canvas
Portfolio V1
The first portfolio site I built.
JavaScript | Bootstrap
An application that allows users to browse books, see reviews from Goodreads, and submit their own reviews.
Python | Flask | SQL | Goodreads API | Bootstrap
Particle Generator
A small canvas project that generates particles when you click on the screen.
JavaScript | Canvas
I built this site in 2016 for a client who wanted a catalog with products from all of the brands they offered. I used a webscraper to pull data from manufacturer's sites and import it into the catalog.
WordPress | PHP | HTML | CSS
The classic arcade game remade with canvas.
JavaScript | Canvas
NBA Legends
A card matching game with a theme inspired by legendary NBA players.
jQuery | CSS3 | HTML5
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